June 28, 2016

Reefresh x Esseen x O+SCG

We are so excited to share our very first post with you! It’s been a long time coming, but, alas, we are here! Odvaungh + Swann Creative Group was formed by Odvaungh and me, Sheree. We both have extensive years in video production and with me bringing the photography skill set into the mix, we thought it would be great to join forces and do what we love: capture special moments that will last an eternity!

There’s a sweet appreciation to be able to look over photographs and replay videos that reflect our experiences in the birth of a baby, exchanging vows, the excitement of prom, traveling, our uniqueness, one’s creative process… and simply, just being. To be able to share this with others in the world and next generations is a beautiful thing and can be a wonderful cultural exchange, as well.

Last weekend, Vaunghn, aka Saber, and I photographed King Esseen for my Reefresh by Ree accessories line. We drove around the West End of Atlanta scouting prospective locations… There were two in mind but on our way to the second location, we stumbled upon a huge, deserted lot with what looked like an old tire warehouse, set way back, with a partial roof and a massive hole in the brick wall. It was pretty cool! We used smoke grenades to add to the imagery and I must say, this was one of my favorite shoots! Esseen was perfect and the grenades were so much fun! Sabe got his work out in by default as he whirled the smoke around him, squatting and running! LOL! He was a champ!

Esseen and I were DMing each other, planning, throughout the week leading up to the shoot. He was clear in wanting to be photographed in something he hasn’t been in before. The only thing I had was the bowtie for the photoshoot. So, I made a red and white hat and customized a black muscle shirt with the word KING stenciled on via spray paint. It came together nicely!



Working with the smoke wasn’t too bad, at all! The hues were rich enough and complimented the other colors in the frame.  Not to mention, each grenade lasts 100 seconds so each look was very quick… It was exciting shooting to get at least one shot from each smoke grenade.


Saber making sure Esseen’s shirt is free of any particles from the smoke.

We went with three looks: the 1st was a white button up with the Reefresh By Ree bowtie & hat,


the 2nd was the cut-off KING shirt and fedora,



and the 3rd was bare chest while wearing a brass necklace.


This was definitely a fun photoshoot… King Esseen was a pleasure to work and the smoke grenades were a nice touch! There was a camera set up on a tripod capturing our process… Perhaps, when it’s ready, It’ll be added to this post. We hope you enjoyed the imagery!

You can check out hand crafted accessories at the link below:

To visit our website, click the following link, as well:


Until next time…..


Peace & Bliss, Lovelies!



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